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About the Stockelands

Dave Stockeland

Dave Stockeland has served as a missionary to Haiti since 1997.  He first founded Haiti Bible Mission in Jeremie, Haiti, and was with that mission for 15 years.  He left that growing ministry in the hands of his second son, Mark Stockeland, and launched Haiti Pastor Training Mission.  This has allowed Pastor Dave to concentrate on the main thing the Lord has called him to do…train pastors.

Pastor Dave has always been training pastors no matter where he has been serving.  He served as a pastor, evangelist and camp director for many years in the U.S. before being called of the Lord to train pastors in Haiti.  While he was pastoring  in the states there were several men that became pastors after being discipled by Pastor Dave.  He also taught a preaching class in several churches where he served, thus enabling many local church leaders to become good preachers of the Word.


Ceres Stockeland

The Lord blessed Pastor Dave with a wonderful, Haitian wife, who is a dedicated and faithful servant of the Lord.  Years before they were married, Ceres founded a ministry called, LIFE FOR WIDOWS & ORPHANS OF HAITI.  She started by just visiting country widows to pray with them and tend to some of their personal needs.  She would bathe them, fix their hair and carry water for them. 

After she started getting some financial support, she started regular, monthly visits to give them some food supplies as well.  In visiting these country widows, she also came upon orphans living with whomever they could.  She was burdened for them and added several of them to her ministry.  This ministry is done through the local churches where there are two ladies in each church who oversee the ministry locally and Ceres oversees them.

Since being married, Pastor Dave and Ceres work together in both ministries.  Pastor Dave is very involved with the widows and orphans and Ceres is a big part in the ministry to the pastor’s families.

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